Disenchantment in the folds of a heart

Profane argument emanate from a hypocritical mind

Trying to make sense in vain

Viciously stirring the fine blend of life to create an upheaval

An uprising within forces the feeling of love to spill over

Thick layers of monotony cover the walls of darkened abode

Bifurcated tongue cannot express life’s language with clarity

Feigning naiveness to adulterate the sweet nectar of life

Swallowing the acrimonious thoughts leads to perpetual drunkenness

Voice of evil is amplified through rebellious dialogues

Errors congregate at the heart of sinister soul

Persistently trying to shatter the silence and quarrel vehemently

Reality becomes a faded idea

Coloured with shrewdness the entire canvas of life transforms

A suffering within initiates an uprising to unsettle others

Thick layers of melancholy over the eyes blocks happiness

Purity of life and universal bliss is considered defiled©

22 thoughts on “Disenchantment

  1. I found this very sad but great as always. This line ‘Thick layers of monotony cover the walls of darkened abode’ reminds me how we leave our sadness and other emotions in the spaces we dwell, this I believe lingers. I’m a great one for opening the windows and letting the air blow through after any difficulties.

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    1. Liza, you have narrated the right sentiment on this piece. It is sad and unfortunate that seeds of disenchantment continues to be sowed at an early age and minds being coerced to follow a pattern. Everyone one wishes to be an adult without the responsibilities. We at an individual level fail to take responsibility and find it convenient to accuse people/ society around us for our predicament. We forget we are also part of the same society. 80% of our problems are created.

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      1. Yes, we are responsible for creating the monster, they do not grow on their own. But I think more and more people are opting out, speaking out and not allowing society or others to dictate. Not easy but I think there is more understanding than ever before. Mind you, people do still seem to want something or someone to follow, not trusting their own instincts. I suppose we are creatures that naturally group and follow!

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      2. You have summarized the socio-cultural issues and how it impacts the ecosystem very well. As you said, there is an idea of a change and wanting something different from life is overshadowed by the greater pull from societies norms. Rather than ‘following’ we falter at ‘whom to follow’, we end up choosing he media created personalities as role models (not necessarily healthy options).


      3. I think a lot do, but not all. I’m open to suggestion and would like someone to come up with the perfect answers, I will listen, but not be pushed. I do think there are a lot of good people in the world and I think kindness and love is growing, slowly but surely. People appear to want change, or is this just wishful thinking on my part and only evident in the places I’m looking. I become disillusioned when I think I find someone different only to find they conform to the people holding the purses.

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      4. In a society there will be diverse thought processes, not everything will to our liking and always have and will be discordant voices around. Everyone evaluates what to choose from their sense of perception. They have their own set of reasons for doing so. So, we can achieve maximum inclusiveness as 100% success rate is never possible. Yes, I agree, in a corporate and money based economy, where minds dream of acquiring success (looked at with money perspective) we cannot deny the lure of conforming to gain entry into the world of successes.

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      5. I think that we should be happy there will always be questioning voices, those that are unhappy or do not agree, it sets us aside as thinkers, hopefully individuals. So the masses follow but enough don’t or don’t want to, that could be seen as a positive move forward. I know this has been the same for centuries, but at least it is the same, we have not all conformed to societies rules 🙂

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      6. Let’s consider society to be a river, and it has many tributaries. Not everyone will follow the same tributary and people will diversify according to their choices or even forcefully. I am concentrating on a common ideological platform where logical diverse ideas can be discussed. I am not talking about the outrageous and destructive ones. Every diverse group adapts and finds the most suitable way to face life. These exchanges can help learn about different adaption technique to identify the common factors between all diverse groups. Humanity have a common will to survive and experience life as fully as possible. I don’t know how my idea sounds, just thought of it now.

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      7. I think this is interesting, the main flow of the river will pull most, even those that might wish to go in different directions will be pulled. I’m interested in this platform, I would like to be involved in these discussions, I’m keen to know more about this.

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      8. For this powerful narratives will have to be blended with the main current or flow of life. In this case the flow of thoughts where most of the ideas and thoughts will be more nutritionally beneficial for the mind, with heavy doses of ‘critical thinking’ ; so not matter how many tributaries are there, the main source will have plenty to distribute them to different tributaries, at the end feeding on the rich ideas to have enough strength to swim upstream and against the tides (challenges) to congregate at the same platform to share ideas and come to a logical consensus.

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      9. It will be through powerful narrative and the opportunity for critical thinking that this will be of interest as otherwise it is available elsewhere. Funny I’ve found managing a discussion group on another platform, that the things you think will be of interest aren’t always. It can be surprising what draws people. I’m keen to see how your ideas grow 🙂

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      10. I am not surprised, human consciousness, with their varied thought processes multiplied into so many times creates a small world, which an individual carries. Although common consciousness has the most influence over a society, it comes second. Now, if I have to go ahead with my idea, first hurdle will be the resistance to change/shift from that world of comfort of comparisons to a more ‘individual responsibility’ ideology. Critical thinking and analysis take time and in this fast-paced world everyone prefers a package deal. Human psychology is not easy to comprehend. Corporatized minds has already been sold the idea of competition, more money, consumerism, and career so there is little time for anything else. So, to streamline a diverse group can be a continuous task and quite an effort.
        But, I cannot comment on their though process as their thinking and ideas must be based on different set of perspectives.


      11. I think if you provide the opportunity it will be welcomed. I’m interested, why don’t you ask your followers in a post who would be interested, I think you will be surprised, these are the people who already follow your ideals and maybe the first to become involved and from there share with others.

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      12. I read again and yes I agree. What you are suggesting / considering is another form of media, you will be setting up an online forum in a social media setting, attracting those that want to explore further topics of interest. I think I have the right idea and also think it’s a great idea and will offer another perspective / opportunity to explore and discuss the greater questions but although not necessarily mainstream it will be a form of media. I hope you do explore further, I am certainly interested 🙂

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    1. It sure is. But the way we have conditioned our mind, and of course considering the sensitive nature of relationships, we prefer a roundabout way of communicating the concerns.

      I have seen too much clarity can be perceived to be confrontational.

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