The busyness of streets drowned my intense dialogues

I could not concentrate. So many faces and expressions

Occasional stares and glances, but few words did filter through

Jarring steps jolted the nerves

It isn’t easy to follow a rhythm that is set for the crowd

Colloquial languages blend to create an intense buzz around

Slowly percolate the consciousness

Old dialogues mixes with the new ones- new narratives are born

It’s a complex ecosystem of words

What about the purists?

They may be considered to be conservative in their dialogues

One who wishes to indulge in the old talks of yore

Grains of ancient consciousness settled in quaint spaces

Somewhere, the glibness has provided an extra shine

Feelings find it too slippery and slide off the surfaces easily

It’s an intense repercussion to stay relevant in present times

Time to retreat and rewind the steps away from the streets

Observation from solitary places gives perspective

Entire world and the network of streets can be fathomed

Why offend the senses?

Never was and will be a race. This is life and has its own pace

Time to continue with the passionate conversation with life

It’ not necessary and expected for anyone to follow my footsteps©

12 thoughts on “Footsteps

  1. I relish the moments when I find myself free of the constraints of time, time seems elastic and I find myself not only here but everywhere – as I write this note to you, snow is falling and just for an instant, I can feel the sand underneath my feet and the turquoise waters softly speaking to me…I really enjoyed this piece!

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    1. Thank you so much Kim. How have you been?

      I love the way you described the feeling of timelessness and the freedom to be anywhere in this eternity, no constraints. The sand beneath your feet has stories to narrate and turquoise waters wants to tell about mysteries of antiquity. There is a connection when the sense listen closely, silencing the distractions around.

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      1. Time is another concept we live by. What if we dilute the concept? Ever thought of not following a calendar, time table, routine, and the constraints of Time. What it would be like? I think we are rushed by Time and even keeps us on the edge.

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