The night and darkness are in an eternal passionate embrace Misfortune! Such a beautiful relation has been tarnished by evil minds Tranquillity and the pervasive tender moments threatened by aggressors When the world morally accepts the vandalization disguised as competition Unfortunate! Distorted reflections are deflected towards impressionable minds Carrying a misfortune is not enough but spreading the cause inspires Poisonous roots run deep to weave an … Continue reading Misinterpretations


Unmindfully crossing the line that separated the different from indifference One who does not identify the similarities but chooses a dissimilar approach Pretending to be virtuous is a risky game played to deceive the unsuspicious souls Actors of the finest grade essaying the conniving character with conviction Inferior souls delirious from the intoxicating purpose to amass fortunes The consciousness surrendered while the heart and mind … Continue reading Unmindful