Rushed Desires

Waiting to be embraced, the rejuvenated Self

There is no rush or none can decide the undesirable path

Wishing for everything, to obsess over other’s life

Powerful urge aroused by potent desires 

Unrefined languages are incapable of explaining the truth

Most of the unknown is conspired to be a mystery

Rude awakening every day for identities intersect 

Creating a diagram of life with dark lines of fate

Reality won’t be revealed to the digressed and lost 

Smallest particle of truth is still relevant in eternity

Civilisations have become obsessed with power

Lacking the consciousness to achieve equilibrium

Every move is compelling the mind to self-destruct

Evoking the Dark Energy to weaken the pure Aura

Aimless wandering to pulverise sacred essence of life

Embezzlement have been the acquired skill from evils

Life weakens even before it can start blossoming

A long-winded journey through labyrinth of excesses©


2 thoughts on “Rushed Desires

    1. You just know how to express the sentiments with clarity, such beautiful phrase you used. ‘touching n igniting a wave of surrealism’.
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. I am glad you liked this write.

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