Moving Ahead

Finding the lost trails of immaculate life

Wandering through the realms of unknown

Sprightly dust particles speak to the wind

Revealing the paths that were forgotten

Moving ahead with conviction

Relinquishing the unnecessary dialogues

Saving the words to narrate pure feelings

Keen traveller does not follow usual routes

Freedom from illusions and conspiracies

Profound narrations of soul guides

Clarity chisels away the obstructive design

Unveiling the prescient soul of life©

10 thoughts on “Moving Ahead

    1. It is possible, but requires intense focus, to reach a state of ultimate calm where the Self reaches a balances state of existence. It requires one to lead a certain lifestyle and not an easy task.

      But on a daily basis, one can spend time comprehending one’s purpose- through self-talk, meditation, and practicing life of pure Gratitude in the process eliminating grievances, if any.

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      1. I agree. Cannot deny that they pull one away with an invisible force and coerces the mind to conform to such life. But in that process one loses connection with the ‘Self’ and becomes unknown and oblivious of the need of the Body, Mind, and Soul.

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      2. I think that is why I feel so lost… I feel I’m not me. My psychologist says maybe it’s the new me. I suppose it’s possible… so the new me burst into tears for no reason on a regular basis. It’s crazy. Also, I shouldn’t feel bad for feeling how I feel. The pull from the opposite directions, with the status quo pulling harder because I hear and answer the call of a purposeful life.

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      3. You may be feeling, as you put it, ‘lost’ because there are certain feelings and realizations which are new to you rushing in, as you are consciously focusing on the ‘Self’. Everyone has a certain pace of life, probably, you are entering a phase in life where you have the time to contemplate and introspect and amazed to realize the unrealized side of you. Tears are not sign of breakdown or weakness during these moments but your your inner realizations expressing with the flow of natural feelings. Absolutely there is no need to feel bad about this quiet and profound expression while realizing the other side of you and possibly emergence of fulfillment and tranquility.

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