Approaches of a drowsy evening sweeps over the solitary abode

Invitation to drink freely from nature, the golden elixir

Prepared with cosmic love, the mellow feeling saturates a yearning heart

Immersed in solitude there is an urge to inundate the blank pages

With verses, in the praise of life and ultimate magnanimity towards a soul

Considered lost and busyness has given up any hope of knocking

A door remains ajar, for there is no fear of intruders rummaging through austerity

It is arduous to reach the edge of a finite world after escaping from intolerable babel

Heart desires the affable evening and tranquil night to compose poetry

Drink from nature’s crucible to quench an insatiable thirst

Hovering around the periphery of eternity to immerse in unconditional love

In an abode embellished with modesty opulence of nature pours in©

12 thoughts on “Solitary

    1. Yes, you have said it, ‘Solitude is bliss’ that’s the true essence of solitude. 🙂 One who is comfortable in this space can communicate with the unheard voices of the Universe. The cosmic rhythm is poetic I feel. I am glad, you liked this piece.

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      1. Ah, surely even a poet must have another poet so they can bear witness to each other 😊💖 You know being alone physically isn’t the only picture of solitary? Sometimes even one of the pair may feel alone. 🤗

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      2. So true! It’s almost impossible to create, especially something extraordinary, when there’s buzzing around and interruptions of many sorts. I’m reminded – life is a trade off. Fortunately, we don’t all want the same thing and we have different joys. 😊💖

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