Articulating true thoughts in a floating world through wisdom

So many ears are already filled with contrary ideologies

Only a few willing listeners still seek to listen to the mantra of balance

To find the rhythm in a floating space and continually changing dimension

This journey is a preparation for the true pilgrim to seek further

Where many worlds will congregate to create a powerful confluence of messages

Easy to be overwhelmed while experiencing the omniscient cosmic forces

Churning to create a vortex where only true knowledge blends

Proliferation of weak thoughts threaten communication of values

Days appear pale and nights have become sinister, surrounded by dark energies

Aggression from the faltering souls invites their downfall and obsolescence

Every thought formed in agitated minds is coagulated and turbid

Poisonous breaths create a dense haze and falter every step 

But the true articulation of wisdom will continue for grateful souls

Willing to find harmony and awaken the mind with love and compassion

It’s an eternal journey to seek and be truthful to the cosmic composure©

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