Light is diverted towards the darkest places

Gradually penetrating the stubborn layers that obfuscate life

Hopeful souls feel the warmth after aeons of neglect and perpetual dampness

Seeds of hope hibernating, laying low to mediate and change fate

Transforming into the replica of omnipresent- quietude and simplicity prevail

Simple cracks between stones part ways for light can filter through to deepest crevices

Burning the gruelling layers of oppressive thoughts that afflicted the soul

Silent prayers to be free from the manipulative ideologies that curtail this journey

Negative thoughts compressed into consciousness flock towards similar fate

Now the reflections have deflected and tilted the course of light

Sharpened with cosmic consciousness it will annihilate any redundancy

Ancient streams breathe life and seeds of yore begin to germinate

Every morsel will be blessed with nature’s benevolence, hunger obliterated  

Mother and Father will nurture a child with Divine reason  

Radius of an abode filled with trust and love is blessed with eternal journey

Every thousand years destiny will be bestowed to those who believed in the light

Fatal empires will crumble and banished to perpetual darkness

Light has changed course and travels with purpose to enlighten seekers©


2 thoughts on “Light

  1. Amitav, what a splendid poem! It is also my conviction that light will always appear at the end of the tunnel. For my Christmas wishes, may the ray of hope invigorate those who beset with gloom, and illuminate those who are in life crossroads. And, may I let such sparkling light pass on, to all over the world, to bring warmth and sow the seeds of love.

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    1. Bauhinia, thank you for this lovely message. Yes, I truly believe that Light will shine to dispel the dark clouds and turmoil. Rays of Hope will show the path ahead to everyone. One has to seek with faith.
      Thank you, always and sending you lots of happiness and blessings.

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