Slow consciousness hurries the pace of life Cursory looks rarely pay attention to the real signs A notebook of slander chronicled every day  Each fresh page looks in anticipation of new narratives But, the foul ink desecrates the freshness and feelings Counter narrations argue with a diabolical voice Pen runs haywire to circumscribe the territories Trying to achieve and experience life in haste Slandered minds flagellate … Continue reading Rush


Doubt lurks in the conspired darkness Furtive looks scan the perimeter of ignorance Weakened digits incapable of counting infinity Abrased mind do not possess the elasticity- To be unprejudiced and energetic to seek beyond Toes curl up and dig into the ground Trying to find some balance and dignity to stand Wrapped in the suffocating bubble of egotism Intellect cramped for space and banished There … Continue reading Doubts

Languorous Day

Amidst a languorous day, the heart chooses to be in a fetal position Deep contemplations of the meditative body- though, mind has license to wander  Through prismatic vision; not an anomaly of focus, but flares of consciousness Divine wavelengths rush through the cosmic filter to fill the world with abundance In nature’s womb, visionary ideas are modified immaculately for beneficial future Intricate designs are modelled by … Continue reading Languorous Day