Doubt lurks in the conspired darkness

Furtive looks scan the perimeter of ignorance

Weakened digits incapable of counting infinity

Abrased mind do not possess the elasticity-

To be unprejudiced and energetic to seek beyond

Toes curl up and dig into the ground

Trying to find some balance and dignity to stand

Wrapped in the suffocating bubble of egotism

Intellect cramped for space and banished

There is an ineffable propensity to colour reflection

With myopic ideologies from doubtful sources

Prominence of existence diminishes

Walking shadows carrying the burden of doubts

Indulging in inglorious activities

Brains distended to the lowest level scrapes across

Embattled minds creates a world undesirable 

Trying to engage in a philosophy of doubts

Stuffed and suffocated within dome of conspiracies©

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