Languorous Day

Amidst a languorous day, the heart chooses to be in a fetal position

Deep contemplations of the meditative body- though, mind has license to wander 

Through prismatic vision; not an anomaly of focus, but flares of consciousness

Divine wavelengths rush through the cosmic filter to fill the world with abundance

In nature’s womb, visionary ideas are modified immaculately for beneficial future

Intricate designs are modelled by the cosmic architect with flawless execution

Closed eyes look within and enter the gated word that was unexplored

Flowing with life’s forces through the undeciphered secret codes of existence

Mind aligns with the Universe and maps the exact coordinates

This fetal position holds the world in an eternal embrace to feel the pulse

Wisdom breaches the confines of popular consciousness 

A subliminal world is enthralled by the magnificent celestial dreams and visions©


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