The flurry of movements

Each step birthing a frenzy to lure consciousness

Chemical imbalances and declining feelings

It is euphoric to witness the crazy enthusiasm

Heads swaying to exploding tunes of acrimony

Torrential ideologies dim the natural senses

Stern algorithms creates a parallel world 

Willingly entering into an alternate reality

Education has become counter-intuitive

Vitriolic comments drip from poisonous tongue

Exposing the savagery that still persists

Still hunting like fugitives for modern pleasures

Decaying heroism causes barbaric ecstasy

Holding devices and living in virtual reality

Weakening intellect communicates with pride

Mechanical fortune is easy to manipulate

Automated lethargy of brainless maniacs

Another era will usher complete transformation

Where wisdom will reign supreme

Philosophies will be discussed by awakened minds

Comprehending the natural phenomenon©

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