Uncovered Past

The desire to uncover the past

One who wishes to walk back amidst the layers of dust

Provoke the lungs to create a tempest

Clear away the stubborn and false narratives

Each speck colluded with the plan to deceive

Wish to pick up the brittle relics

Touch the truth in retrospect

Once recalcitrant heart tarnished the glorious truth

Seeking punishment from the inanimate antiques

Doors have fallen off the hinges

Windows, some of them tightly shut

Creaky floors echo the audacious steps of rebellion

Erased boundaries cannot be redrawn

Defiled heart still has the arrhythmic beats 

Chambers full of mysterious decisions

Sounds of the past do not fade easily

Heavy eyelids cannot bear the decrepit structures

Broken images and deep fractures

Reminiscing the past while covered in dust©

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