Deliberately Unheard

Tranquil morning is rattled by the cranky vehicles

Obstinately cutting across lanes to speed up life

Bell tolls in the distance resonate with lonely requiem

Mornings wake up hurriedly like a disturbed child

Excessive clatter of modernity wrecks early hours

Stern look of tall buildings exasperate the scene

Preoccupied hearts lose the luxury to feel at ease

Words replace casual gestures to rush conversations

Satin grass of paradise erased by concrete arrogance

Clocks wake up life with new rumors that echo

Desire for peace and love is a retreating blurry dream

Grasping life with unethical ambitions and closed minds

Morning is chided for being too lazy and boring

More pace hastens life beyond the heart’s control

Life spins on a wobbling axis to scatter obstinate thoughts

Days are never lived but stolen by demanding existence©

6 thoughts on “Deliberately Unheard

    1. That’s true, Radhika. The present narrative of society is chaotic and noisy. In a rush we have forgotten the basic principles of life. No wonder woes and depressed feelings are everywhere. A view of life that hurts.

      Wishing you a great day. Best wishes!

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