The Air

The air has become spiteful Impregnated with unfriendly thoughts Tries to snoop around and overhear conversations The widest to narrowest streets appear congested Pulmonary hypertension!  Who feeds the air with sinister intent? As if stereotypes and lack of empathy was not enough Dizzy spells blur consciousness Lack of oxygen numbs the brain Clash of jargons and unscientific theories Catastrophic policies brainchild of pseudo intellectuals Tender moments … Continue reading The Air

Symbolic Journey

Where the feet are, they feel restless Pacing up and down through labyrinth of uncertainty An abode could not provide comfort for years Wanderings will leave blisters on untraveled souls Indifference and paranoia ignite latent passions  Reconciling and blending with an artificial concoction  Snapping ligaments weaken the movement Out of sync life suggests the feet go here and there Aimless wanderings are warning signs  Landscapes have changed with … Continue reading Symbolic Journey

Silent Eyes

Silent eyes narrate the day’s monotony Tries to stretch and squint and catch glimpses of activity Alas! The crowd is chanting a boring hum Carrying numerous flawed inferences to design a pattern Trying to articulate a ho-hum speech  Incessant babel cascade from mindless conversations Day is perturbed listening to anxious souls Contrived smiles are stretched beyond limits, almost a caricature Silent eyes stops gazing through … Continue reading Silent Eyes