Silent Eyes

Silent eyes narrate the day’s monotony

Tries to stretch and squint and catch glimpses of activity

Alas! The crowd is chanting a boring hum

Carrying numerous flawed inferences to design a pattern

Trying to articulate a ho-hum speech 

Incessant babel cascade from mindless conversations

Day is perturbed listening to anxious souls

Contrived smiles are stretched beyond limits, almost a caricature

Silent eyes stops gazing through the melee

Wishes to celebrate the silence by reflecting on vast azure©

4 thoughts on “Silent Eyes

    1. Hi Susan, you are not far off with the interpretation, but it is also the type of communication and falsified narratives that influence society over a period of time. Politics means governance for the people and implementation of policies for the people who have chosen them. But,on a daily basis, the politics that is played weakens society’s fabric and creates unrest. The basic problem is miscommunication and propagation of faulty narratives of half-truths. Now, one can decide which side of the truth one chooses to lean towards. Mass hysteria or Individual wisdom?


      1. I can understand what you said; we sure need to keep a pulse on both sides to come to a balance. We need to be fully aware and armed with critical thinking we can relinquish the unnecessary and have a comfortable space. That’s what I feel.


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