The Air

The air has become spiteful

Impregnated with unfriendly thoughts

Tries to snoop around and overhear conversations

The widest to narrowest streets appear congested

Pulmonary hypertension! 

Who feeds the air with sinister intent?

As if stereotypes and lack of empathy was not enough

Dizzy spells blur consciousness

Lack of oxygen numbs the brain

Clash of jargons and unscientific theories

Catastrophic policies brainchild of pseudo intellectuals

Tender moments of life hardened with neglect

Everyone gasping for some fresh perspectives

Running away to exotic locations?

Unaware, the faulty narratives are everywhere

Euphoric moments collapse suddenly

Feeling deflated after misappropriation of pure air©

5 thoughts on “The Air

      1. That’s sweet of you my friend and the good wishes. ❤️

        But we need to be aware of the quality of air we are breathing and in fact using so many home cleaning items which are dangerous. We are creating a hazardous situation for ourselves.

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