Frail Meanings

Lost efforts of lengthy explanations, blurry trails of words 

Ineffective and incomprehensible ramblings creates an unnecessary flurry

Feverish heart complain about lack of clarity, yet, there is urge to articulate

Standing on a decrepit deck to test the tenacity against an undercurrent

Unknown and purposeless foundation with decaying wood 

Barely withstands the flow after compromising with unfriendly tides

Grey mists obscure the vision of far off lands, familiar in unsure sketches

Trappings of anxiousness does not allow fine lines to emphasise

Landscapes bend with incomprehensible turn of fate

Fleecy horizon creates an unnatural reflection of light

Visiting messengers are lost while traveling the lengthy winding roads

Words lose meaning, definitions weaken the truthful intentions

Translations of identity remain inadequate because of frail meanings©

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