Speck of Reality

Philosophically estranged thoughts blended into reality Weaving a pattern to entangle consciousness in suspended beliefs Swaying at the wishes of an unseen force Portraying every possible feeling for brief moments Sifting through tiring and boring (im)practicalities Only possible blocks available to fit the deliberate puzzle Freedom of choice is a dream, sold with artificial paraphernalia Psychological stagnation does not allow new thoughts to flow Contrived … Continue reading Speck of Reality


Celebration of reprehensible ideas Idolised and painted with gilded glamour Only, the sheen is too fragile and excruciating Shattered images narrates ignominious tales Fragmented pieces of life still seems alluring Superficiality slides off easily with eccentricities Vacuous hearts unworthy of trust Scheming glint in the eyes reflect a plan Perplexed hearts articulate soulless speeches Counterfeit nobility wears off soon© Continue reading Perfidious

Silent Translations

Cosmic reflections nurtured in the womb of an orb Destiny flows with the purpose of eternity’s wishes An unseen harmonic labyrinth forms concentric rings Fate seems motionless but transforms life every moment Seek in any direction through seamless mindfulness Only the omnipresent consciousness has a rationale Entire design is supreme and reflected across cosmos Nebulous intellect cannot go beyond closed craniums Deceptions of ideologies proves to … Continue reading Silent Translations