Celebration of reprehensible ideas

Idolised and painted with gilded glamour

Only, the sheen is too fragile and excruciating

Shattered images narrates ignominious tales

Fragmented pieces of life still seems alluring

Superficiality slides off easily with eccentricities

Vacuous hearts unworthy of trust

Scheming glint in the eyes reflect a plan

Perplexed hearts articulate soulless speeches

Counterfeit nobility wears off soon©

4 thoughts on “Perfidious

  1. The dual faced humanity often has a magnificent facade which conceals ill intent. Your post strongly condemns double faced people and speaks strongly against superficial tendencies. Very well written.

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    1. Thank you so much. I am glad, you liked this write.

      I guess there is propensity to pick roles to survive the many challenges of complicated life journey.

      Psychologically, choose the face that best suits the situation, but along the way, losing true identity. Superficiality is easy. It is easy to blame others and compare the mistakes and absolve the ‘Self’ from scrutiny and wrongdoing.

      Also, idolisation and amplification of such behaviour proves detrimental for impressionable minds; and the continuity of such behaviour. When lies and defunct ideologies are presented on a regular basis, they are perceived to be the truth.

      We are continuing with ideologies which have not worked and they will continue to be failures.


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