Persistent Shadows

When shadows become stronger and persistent Tries too often to snoop in on the private conversations Element of authenticity of any dialogue is compromised A deep-rooted fear of failing to coerce the mind efficiently Compliant enough and even subservient to phantasms Mirror reflects the altered version, a pseudo-truth Long practice of minds to chant in unison, the drivels Eyes transfixed, been too long under the … Continue reading Persistent Shadows

The Interpretations

Emotions are attracted to the blank pages A subliminal communication with a trustworthy space Where words can communicate real feelings Overflowing ink shall essay soulful narratives Holding the pen is a sublime feeling Interactions in the mind wishes to live through memoirs The pen is guided by natural instincts of an expressive heart Feelings can be recited after resting between the covers Waking up the … Continue reading The Interpretations

The Walls

Grubby hands tarnish the murals Walls push away eager souls from communicating Bathing in lucre; devilish euphoria and sensationalism Gluttony! Overstuffed revelry Delectable moments become insipid with greed Walls preserve the animosity and divide Time to enter into forced disputes Images disintegrate and dissolve in vitriolic debates Grimy hands still wants to nurture love For those who do not comprehend comeuppance Sooty walls reminds of … Continue reading The Walls