Persistent Shadows

When shadows become stronger and persistent

Tries too often to snoop in on the private conversations

Element of authenticity of any dialogue is compromised

A deep-rooted fear of failing to coerce the mind efficiently

Compliant enough and even subservient to phantasms

Mirror reflects the altered version, a pseudo-truth

Long practice of minds to chant in unison, the drivels

Eyes transfixed, been too long under the influence of Medusa

Endlessly chased by the Minotaur through labyrinths

Inspired bedlam disrupts the sanctity and foundation of life

Anger, aggression, hypocrisy, and deception is rampant

Competitions have become unrestrained 

Success, the word is loosely used for glamorised chicanery

These shadows will be nurtured as they blend comfortably

Altering the original code of life to drive wanton minds

Lurking among the haze devious fates are planned©