The Interpretations

Emotions are attracted to the blank pages

A subliminal communication with a trustworthy space

Where words can communicate real feelings

Overflowing ink shall essay soulful narratives

Holding the pen is a sublime feeling

Interactions in the mind wishes to live through memoirs

The pen is guided by natural instincts of an expressive heart

Feelings can be recited after resting between the covers

Waking up the memories and conversing with anonymity

None is privy to the feelings birthed from experiences

A memoir may be read in the future by a soul

Wishing to comprehend the most lucid interpretation

The relationship between a memoir and a writer is sacred

Only divulges the reflections coming off the words

Palpable secrecy can be tormenting to the reader

Inferences will be many according to social perceptions

Scholarly criticism may try to open esoteric vaults

Pages may provide clues to the ardent pupil

Writings remain eternal for they transcend time

Feelings have been narrated from a purely confidential realm©


8 thoughts on “The Interpretations

    1. Thank you so much, Maria. A writer and the memoirs are so close to the heart that even after many contemplation the urge to know more about a piece of literature is insatiable. It’s a mystery which wishes to be unraveled.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. Yes, I knew you would relate to this piece. I remember we discussed a writer’s journey and relationship with words. You being a published writer can feel the essence better. 🙂 Writing is not about the words and literature is all about the true feelings which have myriad interpretations, but the writer holds the purest feelings close to the heart.

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