Choosing the essential

While listening is not a choice

Thoughts about nothing

But everything encompassing

It does not matter

Realm beyond physical

Rise above beliefs

Only that which remains

Negating the inconsequential

Outspoken, aggressive voices

With definitive inferences

Convincing and rationalising

The concrete ideas diminish

Essence of being

Vocal and prejudiced

Drown the rationale

Choose to listen

Be aware of the Self

It’s significant

Nothing is everything©

8 thoughts on “Listening

    1. Thank you so much, Liza. This piece was inspired by those intellectuals whom I was listening to in a debate, all experts in their field, but had no clue what they were talking about when it came to life and its true essence. Everyone had opinions and were trying to aggressively push their own beliefs and trying to be ‘rock-star philosophers’. If this is where we have arrived at in terms of philosophy and inferences of life, it’s a cause of concern. Media is picking up the wrong bytes when it comes to knowledge and fails to identify the truly knowledgeable. Self-proclaimed and aggrandizing intellectuals are plenty.

      Seasons Greetings to you too, Liza and a wonderful New Year, 2017. Blessings and Happiness! 🙂

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      1. It’s like sorting through the trash to find that one little gem that might be precious sometimes listening to this sort of thing. But when we do find it, by hearing or reading something that feels right, inspires is it’s quite beautiful. Probably more rubbish in philosophy than a lot of subjects as it is interpretation of what each individual feels right. I love the simplicity in philosophy, that’s what I find makes it real for me not intellectuals over complicating it

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      2. Absolutely, I try listening to these debates; it gives me more space to analyse. Listening to trash also has some positive outcome. As you said, sort out from the rubbish and also get some insight where intellect is heading. Philosophy is not about proving right or wrong, it’s about experiencing and this reality cannot be explained. Rightly so, intellectuals are over-analysing and over thinking and coming up with complicated hypotheses. It is more like trolling each other with jargons.

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      3. I do however love a debate, but much prefer when all parties have something sensible to say! Actually trash can help because it can be a pointer to what is right, even rubbish has gifts 😊 Now to prepare Christmas dinner, maybe I might get inspiration in the peeling and cutting 😉 Have a good day Amitav 😊

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