Living Consciously

Expecting positive outcome from life by communicating with negative thoughts in mind regularly will not yield a healthy existence. There is a considerable increase in anxiety, depression, aggression, and unhealthy competition which prevents self-growth and alienates an individual from realising the true potential of life.

Here, life in not a constricting definition of a body which has a mind. The mind is not the intellect or brain either; it is a dimension of life which holds the universal consciousness.

Increasingly, life is defined according to social standards to fit into the milieu to enable existence; without an individual being entirely aware of the feelings and thoughts that arise naturally, the mind absorbs ideas and perceptions which intrusively push aside the natural instincts and prevents the senses from being aware. Try to comprehend the science of existence and nature of life without adding complex hypotheses that muddle the pure meaning and design.

Communication consists of collected information, of which there are plenty. Without comprehending the truthfulness and origin of the information, communication has become mere social interactions adding to the confabulations of a mind. The ability to analyse the truth and conscious living are necessary to live a healthy life.

Spread positivity and sincere optimism to transform minds with hope. Being different, and an individual in the true sense (away from any labels and identifications thrust upon by social pundits) is not an easy task, but worth the effort to live with freedom to think positively, in accordance with nature.

6 thoughts on “Living Consciously

  1. This is advice is all that I need right now ’cause these past days, my mind is full of these theories and assumptions that only makes me overthink and it ruins my study, I can’t focus nor do something! Thanks for this Amitav, really appreciate your point in here, more power!

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    1. Thank you so much, Liz. The way we resonate with life and comprehend it, we shall see it in that perspective. Living continuously with harmful thoughts is not only self-destructive but also for the people we are associated with (family, friends). Meaningful contribution to life enhances the experience of life.

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