Natural Life

Swimming the depths of fluid consciousness

Undercurrents can take swift and sharp turns 

Take the mind towards unknown directions

Ability to vision with clarity and adapt requires patience

In one breath surviving eternity

Events in distorted reality consumes Time unnecessarily

Diluting the body’s memory

Weakening the intellect while dealing with exhausting thoughts

Arrogantly wishing to usurp laws of eternity

Living forever, a dream has been planted in modernity

To extend the relevance of a body

Natural life cannot be governed or altered by mortals

Insufficient knowledge proclaims defiantly

A perverted attitude to circumvent nature’s designs

Highbrow theories come from insecurities

More absurd thoughts are nailed on the mind

Leaving consciousness to deal with eccentricities

Without contentment of accepting the Self

Existence is always partial till the last breath

Intuitive beliefs are reality in the depths of consciousness©

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