Conscious Mind or a Compulsive Mind

Conscious Mind or a Compulsive Mind   If one wishes to have a peaceful environment and truly feel empowered with the divine nature of life, one has to work with a Conscious Mind. Such a mind will not wish for unnecessary things from life and have unnatural expectations, which can create a disturbance in every step taken and never reach the desired destination. Changing directions … Continue reading Conscious Mind or a Compulsive Mind

Directionless Ideas

There is tremendous enthusiasm in the air; few new ideas have managed to create enough euphoria among the collective consciousness. After quite some time, these ideas, although premature, but brilliantly disguised with mature vision produces a kaleidoscopic effect. A new set of complexities are perceived to be revolutionary in an otherwise slumberous environment, persistently missing some action of the intellect. Holding onto the words and … Continue reading Directionless Ideas