Directionless Ideas

There is tremendous enthusiasm in the air; few new ideas have managed to create enough euphoria among the collective consciousness. After quite some time, these ideas, although premature, but brilliantly disguised with mature vision produces a kaleidoscopic effect. A new set of complexities are perceived to be revolutionary in an otherwise slumberous environment, persistently missing some action of the intellect.

Holding onto the words and trusting them to elaborate the entire meaning of the ideas, it is a leap of faith for the populace. Overtly announced strategies are placed before them without the right credentials; in that anticipation for a long awaited change the purported anomalies are skillfully brushed away.

Over a period of time when the euphoria becomes a harangue and tiring minds do have to settle down, realise that the projected strategies were fraught with numerous loopholes and can threaten to swallow the movement unceremoniously and leave traces of humiliation.

Without realising, over a period of unrest and euphoric movement in a directionless state; the initial complexities, thought to be minor aberrants, show their ugly character. Busyness has not provided any time to think through the entire plan with equanimity. In the rush to be ahead of a competition, every facet of a decision cannot be analysed.

Usually, there is an exhibition of verbal acrobatics with additional pyrotechnics to allow the feeble playful digressions to pass through as truth and prove its legitimacy to the crowd; aided with neologism, subterfuges, and playful digressions to incite the consciousness into a mass hysteria.

The opacity of the ideas is overlooked and compensated with clever oratory to present an incredible fecundity of the newest creation. In this entire episode, focus shifts, the axis of power tilts to bring about a new paradigm of decision making and social behaviour.

8 thoughts on “Directionless Ideas

  1. We’re all radio antennae and the same song has been broadcasting for eons. People pick up on the same idea (or set of ideas) simultaneously – the idea, or the song, has always been there, but we needed the proper equipment, so to speak. If the song fits right, if it’s catchy and new and full of promise, word spreads, and people amplify the signal.
    Something beautiful happens, people beginning to simultaneously and without instruction (without hierarchy) work towards a similar goal, a goal found in the music. This is organic and spontaneous.
    So long as the record-label companies don’t catch wind of the song and descend upon it, stringing up its limbs to make it dance like maybe Nirvana or David Foster Wallace (have you seen his new movie!?).
    As long as the song is clear enough and true enough, the same lyrics are heard, and discordance is limited to those who would abuse it for their own gain.
    … is maybe what I got from this? thought-provoking. Perhaps that’s the point. Much enjoyed.


    1. Interesting analogy, Mick. 🙂 Sure, thoughts come to us from somewhere and our mind/brain, at a conscious and subliminal level stores the information for further analysis to utilise the information in our journey. About the song analogy, yes, there is rhythm and synchronous change and even the hum of the Universe (which we commonly know as OM or AUM the Sanskrit word for the same) has immense spiritual vibration which when uttered in the right way can heal and make the mind even more conscious. The main idea of life has been conceived by the omnipresent and design is flawless, we just have to identify the right vibes to allow more such empowering ideas for a fulfilling life and existence.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I couldn’t agree more: mature ideas do take time. I gathered you were speaking of society as a whole and not fairy tales, although I am sure you know this. 🙂 Yes, technology does play a huge role in our understanding of many things. I use technology in the classroom as it helps my lessons, specifically for the young adults I teach. Some who could benefit from the simple task of reading, taking a look at the material in its raw form. 😉

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    1. Technology is no doubt good, otherwise I would not have the chance of talking to you right now. 🙂 Internet and a computer helps me to connect to the world. But, we are craving and concentrating only on technology, which have minimized human interactions and face to face communications. But here as I have mentioned in my write, it can be any idea, which may end up with the same fate. Be it understanding human psychology and our real needs to make society inclusive and start a global brainstorming session to ideate. 🙂

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  3. This is very deep. I don’t know why, but the opening stanza reminds me of fairy tales–so many versions, but all are connected through a spider web-like effect. Yet we should pay attention to what is really being said. Do not partake in the “slumberous environment.” A very good lesson and beautifully written. 🙂

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    1. Mostly, social narratives are tinged with exaggeration and also jingoism. It may sound too extreme, but that the way to excite the psyche and involve as many from the society. Mostly, they are hurriedly thought through because of competition (lacks foundation) and usually their effectiveness wears off. As you mentioned, it is like a spider like web to ensnare minds. Glib articulation and language acrobatics keep the masses busy for a brief time. Now everything is portrayed as larger than life and with an unnecessary technological angle. Social psychology, its sustainability depends on mature ideas, which takes time to establish. 🙂

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