Moments and Memories

Chaste mind reminisce fresh memories of twelve months

Last two days before bidding adieu to some and carrying most of them along

Echoes chant in the mind when hopes are birthed from new beginnings

Translucent waves of thoughts drifts across the mind’s landscape

Of winter days when nights become sharper, yet dreams of pastures green appear

Wanting to touch the golden rays of hope snuggling in winter’s lap

Cold whispers are not that dreary for they bring plans from awaiting future

Celestial glow and stars casts a spell on the one who ponders deeply

Different experiences and diverse roads travelled through calendar months

Pages narrate different tales before the covers restore the special moments

Between shrilly chants and soothing voices, night becomes dense

Its few hours more before the slumberous soul wakes up to a different dawn

Embracing the memories and waiting for the rays to guide a new journey©


My best wishes to everyone for a wonderful New Year, 2017

12 thoughts on “Moments and Memories

  1. Beautiful, I like how you capture the year! And I especially love this line, “Wanting to touch the golden rays of hope snuggling in winter’s lap.” That line is just gorgeous and really truthful! Happy New Year Amitav! Wishing you many blessings and joy!

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