Night’s Magic

Night is busy even before hours of darkness can compose quiet moments Hidden behind the horizon to explore mythical lands for beautiful dreams Seeds of hope and eternal love nurtured by eternity can rejuvenate slumberous soul Seeking soul wishes to communicate with the resonance of cosmic awareness  It is time to protect paradise from banality and reveal the hidden enriching image Nullify the haughty gestures … Continue reading Night’s Magic

Essential Journey

Necessity to change weighs against the urge to conform Mind wants freedom to think and choose a path of its own Crowd pushes the soul and decisions of fate take usual route Passions scream within the hollow chambers; unheard lifelong Each measure of breath compromises with pace of life Uneven dusty roads have been designated forbidden for all Dictum of Life was given a new meaning- … Continue reading Essential Journey


Dreams not meant for me escaped through evanescent moments Lingering somewhere in the unknown realms of mysterious cosmos Communicating with the stars reveal the feelings I overlooked This interlude allows the soul to rest as a mind seeks across horizons in earnest Journeying enlightened worlds prepares the mind with fertile thoughts Purpose encircles the meditative zenith where ideal feelings reside From the moment pure desires change the course … Continue reading Dreams