Simple Luxury

There is no luxury in looking at a sluggish clock Mechanically keeping time of life Soul does not desire to wake up to illusionary hurriedness Chance meetings with the Self and unfinished communications Mirrors too have been created to reflect false perceptions Where am I? Waiting for the simple, serene, and sentimental moments Forgotten desires nudge the mind  Creativity maintains the sanity of existence As long … Continue reading Simple Luxury

Life Lesson

You only require extensive ‘Branding’ when you want to sell something and popularise the same. A lot of media attention and bandwidth is dedicated to disseminate unhealthy and regressive ideologies. It is evident, that respect for each other in society is diminishing, causing more friction, frequently resulting in conflagrations. Life does not need ‘Labels’ and as it is not a commodity or a corporate idea, so … Continue reading Life Lesson