Seeking Clarity

Clarity may be distracting to the world that believes in ambiguity

Narrations defined by time and adheres faithfully to kaleidoscopic frequency

Unexpected twists and turns lead minds to scribble concentric esoteric images

Mind powers the mechanical advance to stretch a path that can leave no trail

Erase with confidence the conceited efforts of explanations reflecting failure

Exquisite effort to design confidence from mere vulnerabilities

Stretching unsustainable desires with a network of programmed reality

Pusillanimous oratory magnified intensely to alter subliminal evolution

Mortal insecurities overestimate the ability to conspire with nature’s clarity

Weaknesses make a journey despairing as foundations disintegrate

Purity and crystal clear cosmic world emanate continuous energy for existence

The horizons open portals for souls who wish to seek clarity in eternity©