Weakest thoughts arise from depths of insecurities Naivete reasons protected the vulnerabilities with weak facade Intelligence painted with faint colours rapidly becomes flaky Resembling painful blisters that will exist to trouble thoughts Reverse engineering the eternal design of existence  Weak elasticity of superficial consciousness cannot comprehend much The immanent frailties wire themselves in a convoluted circuit There is always a rush to cover the loopholes and … Continue reading Survive


None knows for sure the ulterior motives that hide in deep folds of crowds Mysteriously busy at a pace that resonates with cosmopolitan reasoning Communication synthesises with extrinsic desires fueled by suave repartee Minds irradiated with strange fondness for tidings construed to be the only truth When affinity towards the artificial becomes too strong and adheres to insolence Indentations of boredom creates a new landscape over the … Continue reading Synthesis

Implausible Scripts

Shredded scripts of treacherous drama obliterate pernicious dialogues Days when everything was staged with excessive paint to hide falsehood Overthinking and calculative minds scripted narratives of grotesque objectification Happiness struggled to percolate through the stubborn filters of potent lies Even a trickle of that feeling created a hallucination which initiated delirium Breathing, thinking, and communicating according to repetitive memorization Thick curtains allowed only as much freedom … Continue reading Implausible Scripts