Implausible Scripts

Shredded scripts of treacherous drama obliterate pernicious dialogues

Days when everything was staged with excessive paint to hide falsehood

Overthinking and calculative minds scripted narratives of grotesque objectification

Happiness struggled to percolate through the stubborn filters of potent lies

Even a trickle of that feeling created a hallucination which initiated delirium

Breathing, thinking, and communicating according to repetitive memorization

Thick curtains allowed only as much freedom desired by the hidden despot

Every plot and character thoughtfully revolved around to keep a strict vigil

Relationships of convenience carefully masked to allow the heart to be deceived

Hauntingly, the psychology of being alone in a crowd manifested through Acts

Shredded scripts exposed the ploy to keep life shrouded in unnecessary mystery

Now the spotlight of clarity shines brighter as heart and soul feels the pulse of life©

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