Illusions always feel cold and unreceptive Quite incompatible with the dreams and feelings That eagerly waits to taste pure light From first breath of consciousness remain neglected Here, the looming manifestation of heartless images Continuously toying with a perplexed mind Face tries to hide the confusion within contours of eyes Unfamiliar tongue speak in a labyrinth of jamboree Exaltations and gyrations of illusionary dreams The … Continue reading Illusions

A Path

A curious day adorned with collage of events Only to be imprinted on the heart till night provides succour To reminisce and sift through the memorable images Retrace the course to live the few chosen moments Before mind branches out to wander the lonely wintry paths Those steps only to remain in oblivion of solitariness Soon, the reflections of life will readjust and rearrange the thoughts … Continue reading A Path