Forgotten Breath

Inhaling the forgotten breath of life for the first time Soul reminisce the purpose after waking up in earnest Dreams resembled patchy bogs amidst forgotten meadows Now, rejuvenated mind can visualise the entire scenery Sharp winter winds relentlessly reduces the mirth of falsehoods Feet seems to be anchored for the first time since birth Yearnings of experiencing life lay abandoned for eons Playful winds whistle … Continue reading Forgotten Breath

Eternal Echoes

Occult poetry narrated in a sonorous tone across the firmament I collect myself and prepare the mind to immerse in Divine experience Images of life beyond comprehension emerge with tranquil resilience Summoning the soul to present itself in front of eternal altar Echoes of wings along with the beautiful trail of transforming shapes Earth looks like a dream and emerges with true colours of cosmic … Continue reading Eternal Echoes


Deficiency of reason fuels anxiety and dismal thoughts Entire life, remaining in the shadow of uncertainties Does fate have to resign due to the inefficient knowledge? Inaccurate explanations breeding due to unnatural nurturing Causing irreversible damage to the true ethics of evolution Why reiterate the pain and failures while existing incoherently? Satisfaction and contentment will remain an elusive dream Constructing stories of success which are in derelict … Continue reading Resign