Deficiency of reason fuels anxiety and dismal thoughts

Entire life, remaining in the shadow of uncertainties

Does fate have to resign due to the inefficient knowledge?

Inaccurate explanations breeding due to unnatural nurturing

Causing irreversible damage to the true ethics of evolution

Why reiterate the pain and failures while existing incoherently?

Satisfaction and contentment will remain an elusive dream

Constructing stories of success which are in derelict condition

When can consciousness be diverted to acknowledge the Self?

Till then, there will be continuous abysses to bury true reasons

Banal speeches from egotist minds will keep the crowd busy

None will tender an apology or resign from the destructive path©


3 thoughts on “Resign

  1. I did like your piece, as always. I always get a bitter taste, though, I know you are quite unhappy about some of the happenings around which can`t be changed really. But we can always express ourselves through our poetry.Your ink talks!!!

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    1. Truth is not always acceptable in an escapist world. To evolve consciously, humanity has to seek beyond the conformist attitude and become more conscious about oneself as an individual to choose and exercise the ability to do so judiciously. We are stubborn and stagnant in our approach; we seek development in life but do not let go of prejudices and dogmas. Philosophy of life is unfortunately, a subject not taught in educational institutes which could have been helpful in shaping minds for sustainable and positive development.
      It is not about me being bitter or livid with life, my writing will highlight the alternative way of life.

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