Some Thoughts

Thoughts write fate, decree with events that will unfold Actions crafted in the same mould further emphasise them It is a vision that engulfs every possible thing surrounding life From simple illusions to an ultra belief system of aberrations Miscalculations have been the foundation of pseudo matrix Defiant ideas ensnare through the loopholes of rapid algorithms Depleting the energy as fate of Sisyphus unfolds everywhere© Continue reading Some Thoughts


A crumpled heart wishes to soak in rejuvenating feelings Collect the potent nectar for nurturing each grain of precious life Resurrect from the abysses towards pinnacle of consciousness Life is positively intoxicating when every inch of being is blessed Fertile dreams will lead through illumined paths of eternity No more contemptuous visions of life through distorted perspectives Clarity and intense focus on well-being of every … Continue reading Perseverance


Phosphorescence of an eagerly seeking heart unsettles the night Many unanswered questions will be asked and contemplations discussed When the outside busyness dulls the mind and body beyond cognition A meek flame of hope silently guides a life to walk within unknown chambers Relief to the tired feet, years of damage walking on concrete roads has to be cured Bringing back the values and morals … Continue reading Seeking