Stirrings of transient memories stream through the mind Sensations on the skin trickle down to wake up forgotten dreams Worldly desires have a firm grip on the heart till last breath Influentially chronicles the fate on earth with an invisible ink Differentiating the journey on realised terrains that contradict Features that will be crafted with ideologies of superficial consciousness Dancing around in perpetual inebriated state … Continue reading Transient

In Desperation

Convincingly sewed are the deep pockets of desperation Where clangour of thoughts unsettle peace of mind In an increasingly noisy world, everyone yearns to be heard Civility of intelligence is a rarity among hurried desires Staring at life partially; comprehending in entirety requires patience Pushed ahead with ambitions and urgency to accumulate Driven by complicity with mass consciousness Every little distortion is amplified, but skillfully … Continue reading In Desperation