In Desperation

Convincingly sewed are the deep pockets of desperation

Where clangour of thoughts unsettle peace of mind

In an increasingly noisy world, everyone yearns to be heard

Civility of intelligence is a rarity among hurried desires

Staring at life partially; comprehending in entirety requires patience

Pushed ahead with ambitions and urgency to accumulate

Driven by complicity with mass consciousness

Every little distortion is amplified, but skillfully labelled

Flaws in interpretations have always contributed to most narratives

Philosophies that carry value and immense clarity is concealed

When in ‘being’ there is a strong sense of ulterior motives

Life cannot be saved from the shadows of convenient ignorance

Comparing and bullying to drive maniacal reason

Weaknesses have always been dancing around in egomaniacal ways

Spewing clichés and plundering the harmony of existence

Willing minds buried in deep pockets of chosen hibernation©


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