Not Measured

Thoughts are never tailored to fit those measured sensibilities Mind wanders to places usually not thought of Or exist in the realms of complete anonymity Those contemptuous looks do not deter a solitary wanderer Deliberate etiquette gloriously reflect artificiality Counterfeit feelings cannot soften the stance of real determination Without the pressure to get into a mould to shape a mind Meetings with fellows who are completely unaware of … Continue reading Not Measured

Softened Tones

Often, the softened tones remain in anonymity Waking up resembles a hasty ritual to confront life Slumbering soul cannot fathom the hastening tales Anecdotes scamper through chronicles of existence Leaving a haphazard trail of jumbled feelings Unwelcome errands push the heart to yield An unwritten contract drives fate through tunnels Minds are coerced by nestled misconceptions Fallacious assumptions and hegemonic beliefs Smother softened tones even … Continue reading Softened Tones

The Identity

Identities settled as dust particles  Obfuscating the view with granular irrationalities Abrasions from constant friction Pulverised illogical meanings pollute the mind Even the eyelashes feel heavy  Lungs bellow in constant agony-gasping for freshness Changing the rhythm of breathing An inclination went too far and now bends abysmally The backbone of existence compromised Waking up to dismal environments everywhere Insipid aftertaste of life A cacophony of impoverished … Continue reading The Identity