Not Measured

Thoughts are never tailored to fit those measured sensibilities

Mind wanders to places usually not thought of

Or exist in the realms of complete anonymity

Those contemptuous looks do not deter a solitary wanderer

Deliberate etiquette gloriously reflect artificiality

Counterfeit feelings cannot soften the stance of real determination

Without the pressure to get into a mould to shape a mind

Meetings with fellows who are completely unaware of life

Usually, these conversations reveal a lot about insincere conformity

Directionless narratives try to lose themselves in labyrinths

Less of a crowd and unnecessary bindings when one relinquishes talkativeness

Ideology of life comes to a conscious mind from eternity

Nothing chaotic about the Universe when ‘Being’ resonates with life

One who wishes to calculate eternity can remain oblivious of reality©

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