Softened Tones

Often, the softened tones remain in anonymity

Waking up resembles a hasty ritual to confront life

Slumbering soul cannot fathom the hastening tales

Anecdotes scamper through chronicles of existence

Leaving a haphazard trail of jumbled feelings

Unwelcome errands push the heart to yield

An unwritten contract drives fate through tunnels

Minds are coerced by nestled misconceptions

Fallacious assumptions and hegemonic beliefs

Smother softened tones even before realisation

Indifference with the Self cast aspersions

Profound nature of life evaporates unceremoniously©

4 thoughts on “Softened Tones

      1. Exactly. You are so right. You are one of the few WP writers who is consistently superb in your writing and understanding of humanity and life. I don’t know how you do it, but I admire you very much for that skill. It is more than a skill it is an understanding of the world at large and an ability to convey it so beautifully in poetry. You are a true poet.

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      2. You are very kind my friend. I guess writing just happens as mind contemplates with various sentiments that are usually overlooked.
        Appreciation coming from a published poet is really inspiring for me.

        Likewise, I feel you have a unique and keen eye for detail which presents itself through rich imagery in your poetry. My best wishes for you.

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