The Identity

Identities settled as dust particles 

Obfuscating the view with granular irrationalities

Abrasions from constant friction

Pulverised illogical meanings pollute the mind

Even the eyelashes feel heavy 

Lungs bellow in constant agony-gasping for freshness

Changing the rhythm of breathing

An inclination went too far and now bends abysmally

The backbone of existence compromised

Waking up to dismal environments everywhere

Insipid aftertaste of life

A cacophony of impoverished wit distorts language

Time to get rid of layers of dust

With vigorous stir, to reclaim pure life

Clear vision and clarity of mind

It all starts with identifying the problems

Existence with harmony- the only identity©


6 thoughts on “The Identity

  1. I think this poem can be related to at different levels. Did you have the environmental issues in mind while writing this one?


    1. My explanation- Our distanced existence and creation of distorted reality with identities which we rely too much to create a space in society; whereas, we are inefficient and absolutely unaware of our true identity and relationship with life. Life, not the daily grind, but true existence in harmony with consciousness.


      1. Aha! The level at which you thought!
        For some reason, it painted an image of an environmentally distorted world as well. Specifically in the lines “an inclination…..distorts language”. But yes, as one reads the first and the last lines, it’s about losing identity too.

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