To Blend

Inadvertently blending with the rush to contribute to the chaos Creating another faint trail to weave a pattern in multitude of designs Memorabilia of already existing ones are either glorified or despised Everyone wishes to choose dreams that comfort the soul Yet, the saturated clouds of ideologies stalk original desires Theoretical predators push aside sentiments to impregnate the mind With alternative thoughts easily identifiable with … Continue reading To Blend

In Depths

Searching for unfathomable depths between the lines Allowing me to linger across the fluid space to test my imagination Verses overflowing with feelings as they flow eagerly to this confluence Soaking in the idleness in earnest to perceive an unknown world Faint lights that filter through waves of sentiments illumine dark spaces Poetical extravaganza foretells the opulence found in rare depths Affluence of creativity will … Continue reading In Depths


Conceived in the realm of unknown mystical consciousness Entirely from the spirit with vitality of eternal divineness Traces of destiny from the eras compose a memoir of life Incomprehensible is the intelligence that creates  Prevailing temerity asserts the failure to realise the relationship Existence is life centric to propel them through a journey Errors have tilted the equation to create turbulent existence© Continue reading Conceived