Rushing through time will not gift life with extra seconds

Inconceivable turns take another route 

Lacking in fluency, the mind cannot comprehend a rhythm

Sense of dizziness sets in with continuous pirouetting  

Unable to comprehend the corresponding reflections 

There may be many parallels with alternative destinies

Faithfully surrendering to the entirety of presence

Perspectives become clear when there is harmony

Brilliance of cosmic reflection can elucidate the purpose©

11 thoughts on “Fluency

  1. “Rushing through time will not gift life extra seconds.” This really sets the stage for your entire poem. We often rush all over the place, me, and it really does nothing in return. I had to learn to focus on one item at a time and embrace the idea some things don’t have to be worked on simultaneously. Well said, lovely reminder. 😊

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    1. We are rushed through this journey, for sure. We live in demanding times, where slow pace is considered lagging behind. But again, many are realizing this and taking measures to gain control over busyness. Glad, you lined this write. 🙂

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  2. I really enjoyed the line: “Brilliance of cosmic reflection can elucidate the purpose.” Sometimes our thoughts turn out to be our worst enemies.

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