True Reason

It’s a constant struggle to remain calm Among myriad reflections that threaten to intrude The world so beautifully crafted  Glaring discrepancies initiate series of doubtful encounters Speculating on every possible theory that defines  Through prohibitive masks of sundry characters Increasingly jeopardising the delicate relationship  Inner sanctuary yearns to reconcile with true life Possibility dwindles when cradled by distorted reflections Time to focus and emerge with clarity Without … Continue reading True Reason


Stories that have been narrated linger somewhere Entwined with arcane waves, cryptic messages encircle eternity Mind wishes to subdue unnecessary commotions  Vociferously annoying narratives weaken the values of silence Soul wishes to listen to those stories from esoteric voices Silent world may be perceived to be ominous for many Not for the engrossed individual who wishes to seek beyond Breach limitations of nonsensical dialogues Only … Continue reading Stories


Erase the reflection in the mirror Stop conversing with an ephemeral image Distanced by paradoxical narratives Yet, the reflection echoes something familiar Power of telekinesis create an illusion Both are realities- born from the inborn Every grain of consciousness regroups Engaged in visualising a replica So well defined for a perplexed vision Desire to traverse an unknown space To reach out to the simulation Can … Continue reading Image