Stories that have been narrated linger somewhere

Entwined with arcane waves, cryptic messages encircle eternity

Mind wishes to subdue unnecessary commotions 

Vociferously annoying narratives weaken the values of silence

Soul wishes to listen to those stories from esoteric voices

Silent world may be perceived to be ominous for many

Not for the engrossed individual who wishes to seek beyond

Breach limitations of nonsensical dialogues

Only wishing for entire realm of consciousness to converge

It will be engrossing to explore a new awakening with reality©

11 thoughts on “Stories

    1. One never know, ancient voices and storytelling may still be present in the Universe somewhere. Quite a possibility, if we focus or listen with intent, the narratives would be revived again. Possibilities of this existence are immense.

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      1. I believe as you that it is. Energy doesn’t die so when we die our energy cannot. Equally, those energies of emotion surely have similar rules I just think it’s an incredible consideration and trust you to discover it in a poem, you always do that, and I am always half envious of your beautiful ability to do so!

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      2. Exactly. You interpreted my comment so aptly. Poet’s world is eternal and there are as many possibilities that the universe has. We just have to listen, and poetry shall be birthed. Writing, and literature in general, present us with the opportunity to explore these metaphysical realities.

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      3. Exactly. I truly believe our energies become so much more than our humanity can understand, this would necessarily include our human hearts, which may expand with the increase in consciousness when they are ‘freed’ from our bodies but still attached to our souls. I cannot explain it all but I feel much as you do, that what we do not know, is beyond us in a magnificent way, and exceeds any expectation, in that it is a wonderful thing, and you are so right, it is the birth of poetry in many ways, you achieve this so well as you are truly a spellbinding writer xo

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      4. We seek the incomprehensible and profound nature of existence, which may not be possible to define through our common consciousness or knowledge (which are usually for navigating through worldly life), this body is ephemeral, yet we are so concerned about this body. In fact, the soul can be understood when we turn our focus within and see everything around us with that consciousness. Only if we could use every part of our brain/mind, we would visualise and live life with harmony with every being and also with universe. According to me writing, especially poetry, is like meditation and a poet goes into a trance while wandering beyond.

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      5. Agreed. It is a trancelike event when you write sometimes you don’t even know what you are writing until it is done. I also agree that there is a common consciousness that transcends normal consciousness and elevates thought and emotion, as if we are all holding up the world – you’re right, we shouldn’t be so obsessed about the physical because so much of what counts has nothing to do with it.

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      6. Sometimes when I read my earlier poetry, I sit and wonder, “Have I written this?” It happens, for a writer to view his/her work from new perspective. They reveal so much and even for readers to interpret.
        Our obsession is that we feel existence on Earth is ‘human centric’ and here we live under the ‘grand illusion’ we can live independent of any other being present around us. We live in fallacious times and jeopardise the harmony.

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      7. I am not the poet you are, not that it’s a competition I don’t believe in competition but it’s my opinion, but that said, I agree, and feel much the same, I can read back and think ‘something else wrote this’ because it’s like I inhabited a place/space that I am not consciously in so I totally hear you – and I also think we reveal a lot if someone but really looks – as you say, the obsession with existence is fear and the terror of being alive in a body of water, if we let go of our ego we would have none.

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      8. Competition is a futile exercise. Literature, where the possibilities and experiences are limitless, there is no scope to think about such pursuits, as we poets are engrossed to seek new inspirations. You have expressed it perfectly, when you say, ‘I can read back and think ‘something else wrote this’ because it’s like I inhabited a place/space that I am not consciously’, yes that’s so true.
        Well, there will be change and it will be for meaningful existence of life, here, and everywhere. Trust this Universe.

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