True Reason

It’s a constant struggle to remain calm

Among myriad reflections that threaten to intrude

The world so beautifully crafted 

Glaring discrepancies initiate series of doubtful encounters

Speculating on every possible theory that defines 

Through prohibitive masks of sundry characters

Increasingly jeopardising the delicate relationship 

Inner sanctuary yearns to reconcile with true life

Possibility dwindles when cradled by distorted reflections

Time to focus and emerge with clarity

Without ego and expectations, only desire to experience

Pristine essence of life surrounded by divine light

Revive the sacred relationship between life and being

Without tarnishing the beautiful sentiments of paradise

Easy to remain in the abyss of contradictions and agonise

Purely a choice to let light shine through 

Glorifying and purifying the entire realm of soul

Not a struggle anymore to communicate gratitude©


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