Uncertain Affability

Unhealthy bonhomie arises from depths of paranoia Unexpected changes stir the stale ideologies  In a cauldron, settled for too long, with brackish taste of woes One who holds the friendly fire to evaporate them Is perceived to be an uninvited nemesis Psyche shrouded in mediocrity spells every thought erroneously Narrations from the devil’s book sounds alluring Promising thrills and ecstatic incentives to gyrate the mind … Continue reading Uncertain Affability

Feelings Depart

Half-awake feelings desire to walk away from pandemonium Deeply contemplative, they dream of a place of awakened senses A simple abode, decorated with unnecessary thoughts Unsettles the ethos of life with numerous worldly distractions Original design felt inadequate according to ubiquitous pomposity A difficult decision to remain isolated after a strained relationship True feelings birthed within from cosmic nurturing Torn apart between the indecisiveness to … Continue reading Feelings Depart